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Construction law and building development law for professionals

As a property developer, you are familiar with this: Your project has been realized, but the purchasers refuse to accept the collective property and refuse to pay  the final instalment. Also a common issuye: : The subcontractors are not dealing with the purchasers’ justified complaints, or the HOA is pursuing unjustified claims for defects. Subsequently, a dispute arises between individual purchasers or even the entire HOA. We are familiar with this - and we are happy to help you.

Development properties often give rise to conflicts. Transparent communication with all parties involved in construction and with purchasers at an early stage is crucial. The basis for this is always binding jurisdiction, with which we must be acquainted in order to act expediently and efficiently. We are aware of this from countless successfully managed mandates for major and small property developers.

Challenges for purchasers

However, we are also aware of the situation of purchasers, which is also full of challenges relating to property development law:

  • What should be done if you have reported numerous defects with collective property to the developer,
    who  only reacts slowly or not at all?
  • Who is competent in such a situation and: Is an owners’ resolution required?
  • Is the collective property deemed to be accepted, and when does the statute of limitations expire?
  • Who has the burden of proof and can claims for defects already be pursued before acceptance?
  • Will the expert opinion that has been obtained stand up in court?
  • Is the property developer sufficiently solvent or is the property developer facing insolvency?
  • Are there any other levels of liability? What approach on a procedural level is recommended in a specific case?
  • The property developer is insolvent - what should be done?

Question after question, but we know the answers.

Finally, we have extensive and complex experience providing advice to homeowner associations both out of court and in court.

Our focal points in construction law and building development law

Our team of specialists in construction law and architectural law

Lawyer Dr. Petra Sterner LL.M. (UCT)
Specialist lawyer for building and architect law

Phone: +49 30 40 59 94-21
Fax: +49 30 40 59 94-721

Lawyer Samira Bagarić
Specialist lawyer for building and architect law
Specialist lawyer for tenancy and condominium law

Phone: +49 30 40 59 94-21
Fax: +49 30 40 59 94-721

Lawyer Christian Hippel
Specialist lawyer for building and architect law

Telefon: +49 30 40 59 94-21
Telefax: +49 30 40 59 94-721

Lawyer Roger Wintzer
Specialist lawyer for building and architect law

Phone: +49 30 40 59 94-39
Fax: +49 30 40 59 94-739

Lawyer Ingo Kolms (LL.M.)
Main practice area: Public building law

Phone: +49 30 40 59 94-39
Fax: +49 30 40 59 94-739

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