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WIR Wanderer - The law firm for real estate professionals

Thanks to systematic specialization in construction law, residential property law, tenancy law and real estate transactions, Wanderer und Partner is the law firm for real estate professionals.

Wanderer und Partner was formed in 2005 out of the private law firm of attorney-at-law Uwe Wanderer, which he founded in 1982. Since then, we have been the leading law firm in Berlin and the eastern federal states in the area of residential property law.

In 2006, we expanded our activities to the area of tenancy law through the addition of further partners. IIn this area of law, Wanderer und Partner works almost exclusively for professional landlords and property management companies. Since 2007, we have had our own notarial office specializing in real estate law. Construction law and building development law have been another pillar of our law firm since 2008.

The law firm is constantly growing. It currently has over 40 employees, 17 of whom are attorneys, plus a notarial office.


Our specialist teams - competence through specialization

A general specialist in real estate law is a thing of the past. The law is development  at an increasing speed. Hundreds of new court decisions are published every year, with an upward trend. Changes in the law come into force at shorter intervals. Individuals can no longer keep track of real estate law in detail.

The creation of specialist areas within real estate law is therefore imperative in order to succeed in the competitive environment of real estate law firms. At Wanderer und Partner, each attorney is responsible for a specialist area within his or her team.



The WIR makes the difference.

WIR Wanderer - this is not a collection of individual attorneys. Rather, we see ourselves as a team that produces the best possible solutions for real estate law issues across the disciplines and sectors.

Constant exchange among all colleagues and the way in which all attorneys and notaries ly complement each other professionally lead to synergies that result in significantly more than the sum of 15 individual attorneys.

The way we treat each other is also the way we treat our clients and business partners. Openness, trust, and straightforwardness are the basis for a long-term collaboration as well as your and our success. This way, we became what we are: one of the leading boutiques for real estate law in Germany. Together with our clients, we strive for the optimal answer to all real estate questions.

WIR are not alone: the WIR Network

In 2011, Wanderer und Partner joined forces with law firms from Cologne and Hamburg, to form the WIR-Network. The attorneys of the partner firms have had close professional and personal ties for many years. All law firms are active exclusively in real estate law and have particular specializations in tenancy law, residential property law, construction law, and building development law. The (legally independent) law firms of the WIR network support each other in dealing with cross-regional mandates and with the development of their expertise in real estate law.


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