Advice for property and asset managers

We constantly train property managers, e.g., by way of in-house seminars, optimize their contracts, and provide them with text templates for day-to-day use. We offer quick responses to urgent queries by way of direct telephone contact and by mail.

At the same time, we provide strategic support to asset managers. Upon request, we use online tools to speed things up to save valuable time as a reporting tool. In the process, we incorporate the clients’ conceptions and jointly assess, also at the interface between property and asset manager, which data is actually required and useful for whom.

The processing and listing of unnecessary data creates extra work and wastes time, which should be avoided. The property manager's time should be devoted primarily to the property, its maintenance, and the tenants.

The asset manager should be able to utilize the data to be processed for sensible course-setting and strategic decisions in order to accelerate processes.

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